Let’s stop calling it an “investment piece”

Okay, so I know that some, maybe most of you, own or want to own an item that you like to call an “investment piece.”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty as charged and recently acquired one of these myself, but continuing to call it by that name will never ensure that it’ll actually become an investment.  I’ve tried to stop the name calling myself because, who am I kidding, I will NEVER sell my beautiful Céline bag.  Sadly, I just recently made this realization that these “investment pieces” really aren’t unless we plan on selling such items.  This realization occurred while I was telling my father about this amazing Céline bag that I loved and would “definitely be an investment piece.”  Of course, he followed up my speech with his own about how it wouldn’t be an investment for me unless I wanted to sell it in the future.  So, as a lesson to all of you who may be wanting or already own an “investment” watch, ring, bag, coat, etc., unless you will be selling that precious and probably very expensive item, it’s merely a special gift for you to keep and love.  To make you feel a little less guilty of your own “investment piece,” I’ve provided you with a picture of both of mine below.



2 thoughts on “Let’s stop calling it an “investment piece”

  1. I sold my first Céline on ebay and had to accept £700 less than I bought it for cause the competition and counterfeits on ebay were going so strong. A sad day indeed! I recently bought another one and will keep it forever. But I still use the ‘investment piece’ excuse as I’m sure a decade down the line these bags might actually well be worth more than they are now. If that fails, what’s better than a hand-me-down to a daughter? Your dog is adorable! x

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