Rock the Chucks

Over the summer, I bought my second pair of converse sneakers (the first pair I owned was no longer useful when my foot grew past a size 6).   After a few quick try-ons, I ended up choosing a pair of light grey high-top chucks for a few reasons.  First, the grey color is a neutral that goes nicely with almost everything and isn’t the usual black or white that everyone else seemed to have at the time.  Second, my old green Chuck Taylors from middle school were low-tops, so I felt like I had to venture out of my comfort zone and go with the high-tops.  Also, in my opinion, the high-tops are trendier than the low-tops but can still be worn until they’re falling apart and without regard to where they stand in the fashion cycle.  In my book, Converse sneakers are a classic style.

Unfortunately, I haven’t worn my new pair as much as I’d like to, but hey, owning them at least makes me feel cool like my punk middle school self was.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, I didn’t buy them just because they were “cool” and the streets of Soho were full of them.  They are actually awesome shoes that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Chucks are also one of the few types of shoes that both the cool kids and bookworms can rock.  The fashion leaders AND the fashion laggards rock them.  Seriously, when I see middle school kids get off the bus wearing Chuck Taylors, I have to resist the urge to snap a picture of them to later put on my Pinterest fashion board.  These shoes have the comfort of a sneaker, look of a cool 90s rocker, and price that makes even the hipsters swoon.  Best of all, in my opinion, is that you don’t even have to worry about keeping them clean.  Some actually worry about keeping them dirty.  I’ve even seen people pulling their fresh sneakers out of the box and straight into puddles and dirt to “rough ‘em up.”  Unfortunately, this fantastic thing about Chucks isn’t able to justify my scuffed and stained wedges from a few nights downtown.  As shown below, my Chucks clearly haven’t been worn in and dirtied up to the local hipster’s standards, but it’s a start. 

Peace, love, and wear your Chucks…



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