When Happy Hour Turned Into Burger Heaven…

Last night, a few of my roommates and I finally got back into our Friday Happy Hour routine.  We love to kick back on Fridays after a rough week of classes and let loose in Downtown Athens (a.k.a. the best bar scene ever).  Since it’s been refreshingly cool for the south this past week, I happily dusted off some of my fall and winter staples.  If you don’t know me, then you should be informed that I tend to gravitate towards the most neutral and comfortable clothes in my otherwise colorful closet.  I do love colorful clothes, but they just never seem to win the battle against my more comfortable neutrals that go with everything.   I also have a slight obsession with comfort, which usually makes my neutral selections even more casual looking.  Even though I’d like to see myself as a trendy gal, I can’t help but value comfort over pretty much anything else when it comes to choosing clothes and shoes.  This explains why my go-to outfit will always be a worn in rocker tee, stretchy jeans, and boots.  In my opinion, it’s a comfortable and cool look that can easily be made to look trendy.

Now, bringing you back to last night, I decided to dress a little less casual (but still comfortable) than I normally do for a happy hour outing.  Pictured below, I wore my Zara leather paneled leggings, an A.L.C. layered silk top, lace-up wedge booties from Target, a 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target black mini satchel, House of Harlow ring, Chan Luu bracelet, and my favorite gold layered earrings.  Of course, I wore almost all black, but the cool weather and fact that Halloween is in a few weeks made me feel a little better about my lack of color.


After enjoying a few beers at one of our favorite bars, Pauleys, my roomies and I headed to dinner at a local restaurant called Clocked.  We hadn’t been to the burger joint before, but we heard amazing reviews about its food and decided it was time to try it out.  Since all of us had a few heavy beers in our systems, we didn’t hesitate to order a basket of sweet potato and regular French fries right after sitting down at our table.  After polishing off both baskets in a few short minutes, we were ready for our main course.  The fries were absolutely delicious, but once we bit into our burgers, all was forgotten.  I ordered the South Street burger that included a thick patty of 100% fresh Angus ground beef chuck, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, and homemade Dijon mayo.  After taking one bite of the amazingly juicy burger, I knew I’d hit the jackpot.  All of the toppings blended together so well and the beef was ridiculously fresh, flavorful, and juicy.  That South Street burger definitely made it in my top 3 favorite burgers (and I’ve tried a lot of burgers).  If my body could handle it, I would be at Clocked every weekend, especially since I wasn’t able to try the Chai Tea Latte milkshake and their famous tater tots last night.

I was way too into the moment to think about Instagramming a photo of my glorious burger before it was gone, but luckily I found a photo from Urban Spoon that can give you a slight idea of how delicious the meal was.


My recommendation to you:

If you are living in, visiting, or simply going through Athens, Georgia at any point in your life, make sure you grab a burger from Clocked.  It WILL blow your mind.


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