Staying Fit in the Colder Months

Working out and staying in shape always seems to be the most difficult when it gets cold outside.  Whether it’s too cold to go for a run or simply get out of my warm bed and leave Netflix, I always need an extra boost to keep me motivated during this time of the year.  When Spring Break and bathing suit season quickly creeps up on me in March, I’m mercilessly reminded of this laziness that came upon me in the previous months.

In order to help prevent this from happening again, I’ve decided to switch up my basic workout routine to one that’s new and refreshing.  I used to try and take a few cycling classes and do a little bit of cardio and weights at the gym every week, but about a month into this fall semester, I decided to try out using Insanity DVD’s and yoga classes to keep me fit.  I got the idea of doing Insanity, which is a DVD video series based on high intensity circuit and interval workouts, from my ridiculously fit roommate whom had done the entire series the previous spring semester.  I did a few workouts with her at the time, but hadn’t taken them seriously until recently.  Even though the workouts are very difficult (especially for the first few weeks), I love how quick and effective they are.  I can pick one of the workouts to do in my own house and be finished and in the shower 45 minutes later.  I usually only do Insanity a few days a week and on the other days I like to take a yoga class.  I’ve learned to love yoga over the past few months, especially how it makes me feel relaxed yet confident that I’m getting toned and more flexible.  I usually take Vinyasa yoga, which focuses on maintaining a constant flow of poses while staying mindful of your breaths.  Listed below are a few examples of my favorite Insanity videos and yoga poses that can hopefully motivate you to switch up your workout routine or start a new one to stay in shape over the next few months!

Favorite Insanity Videos:

  • Pure Cardio
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Cardio Power and Resistance

To order your own set of Insanity DVD’s go here!

Favorite Yoga Poses:

Warrior I


Warrior II


Eagle Pose


Balancing Stick Pose


Dancer Pose


Tree Pose


Bridge Pose


Shoulder Stand Pose


Pigeon Pose



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