Style Guide: The Chunky Sweater!

Even though I love the warm weather in the summer and spring months, I’m always ready to start layering my outfits and bundling up with a cup of hot chocolate when November hits.  I always get so excited when it’s time to pull out all of my cozy sweaters, boots, and leggings from the depths of my closet and put my denim cut-offs and bathing suits into hibernation.  These fall and winter staples are my favorites because they’re super easy to throw on, always comfortable, and can pretty easily hide any pale winter skin or stubbly legs that definitely can’t be hidden in the warmer months.

For the past few years in the fashion world, chunky sweaters have made a huge presence and I definitely don’t see them going anywhere for this fall and winter season (thank goodness).  In my mind, there’s no reason not to like this type of sweater.  Versatile, slouchy, cozy, and quite forgiving to the body, wearing them feels like a warm embrace. They’re such a valuable style to have in your closet because they can be paired with almost anything when it’s cool outside, and depending on the rest of the outfit, can easily be dressed up or down.  In case you need a little guidance in styling your own chunky sweaters to stay on trend this season, I’ve provided you with 5 different ways to wear them, which are shown below.

1. Over a dress:

ImageImage  Image


2. Layered:

Image    Image


3. Belted:




4. Over a fancy skirt:





5. With leggings and boots:

Image                          Image                 Image

*All photos were taken from Pinterest


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