Spaghetti Squash Pasta!

Last night, my roommates and I decided to repeat one of our new favorite recipes of a spaghetti squash dish.  We first took on the challenge of cooking with the unfamiliar veggie a few weeks ago with a Pinterest recipe at hand.  We made a few tweaks to the original recipe as we went along and it actually turned out being DELICIOUS!  Spaghetti squash is now one of my favorite veggies!  It’s more flavorful than regular pasta noodles and is MUCH healthier- I certainly had no regrets going back for seconds. 

You can find the original recipe that was used here, but I suggest tweaking it with our changes for a great and flavorful meal.  The first thing we did differently was get two spaghetti squashes instead of one.  We knew that we needed to feed 5 girls with pretty big appetites instead of the 4 small servings that the recipe was made for, but we actually ended up having a lot of squash left over.  The next day, I discovered that having extra squash was a wonderful thing because the leftovers were just as yummy as they were the night before!  My roomies and I also tweaked a few of the ingredients that the original recipe called for.  The first time we made the pasta, we kept in the broccoli, but last night we left it out and instead added more peas and a bunch of fresh spinach.  The spinach was a great touch- just add it to the chicken stock mixture when you put in the parmesan cheese and make sure you use A LOT.  We also marinated our chicken a day before grilling it, which made the dish extra flavorful.  When everything was finished cooking, we each put our helpings into bowls and added our favorite kind of pasta sauce instead of keeping the pasta plain.  I love sauce, so I would never leave a “pasta” dish dry if I didn’t have to.  The first time we had this meal I used a tomato-style sauce and last night I tried it with a pesto sauce.  I loved the dish with both sauces- you can’t go wrong with either in my book!  Both nights we made this meal, we’ve been overly satisfied and excited to try out another spaghetti squash dish!  I hope you try this recipe because it’s a healthy yet filling meal that’s also a great way to be introduced to spaghetti squash if you haven’t tried it yet!  If you need any more incentive to head to the grocery store, take a look at a few pictures of the meal below! YUM. 




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