Ombré Nails

Last night, while I was waiting for my roommates to get home, I decided to paint my nails.  They were terribly chipped and I had a birthday party to go to later in the night, so it was pretty necessary unless I wanted to look like one of those girls who peels off her nail polish for fun (which I am).  So, while I was deciding between the usual black and red colors, a little light bulb went off in my head.  I could use both colors by mixing them in a trendy ombré effect!  This was quite the exciting challenge for me because I rarely do exciting or crazy things with my nail polish.  I usually like the simple one-color look- it’s easy to do and looks nice until the color starts chipping an hour later.  Fun stuff huh?

After I sat down on my white comforter with the two polishes and topcoat sitting steadily on my laptop, I delved into my challenge.  The ombré effect initially proved to be much more difficult with no instruction, so I definitely had more than a few re-dos.  Once I finally nailed down (pun intended) the right strategy to get the desired ombré effect, my delight was quickly deflated when my “steady” red nail polish fell open onto my white comforter.  In my efforts to grab the polish before it spilled everywhere, I successfully rubbed all of my painted fingers onto the comforter.  Unfortunately, this ill attempt didn’t stop some of the red polish from adding to the black and red stains from my nails.  Once I attempted to wipe the polish off my bed (unsuccessfully), removed the smeared polish from my nails, and heard the chicken being put on the grill, I started over with a new goal in mind- finish my nails before dinner is ready.  My newfound determination and steady hands proved to serve me well, and 10 minutes later, my nails were finished and actually looking decent.  Aside from all of the reasons I just gave you not to try painting your own ombré nails, you should still do it.  It looks pretty cool, gives you a chance to rock two colors at once, and can maybe even get you a few compliments. If and when you try this nail look, just learn from my mistakes and do not do it on your bed or put the open polish bottles on an unsteady laptop…on your bed.


1. Gather two nail polish colors (one lighter and one darker) and a bottle of topcoat polish.

Image2. Start by putting a little half moon shape of the darker polish around the bottom of your nail (don’t put a big glob of polish down, just a smooth little layer).


3. Then carefully grab the lighter color of polish and put a coat on to cover the rest of the nail.

Image4. After putting on the lighter polish, put the brush on the line where the darker and lighter color meet and start vey lightly and slowly dragging the dark color up towards the tip of your nail.


5. Blow on the nail for about 8 seconds to get it slightly dry and then use your topcoat polish over the whole nail to smooth and smear out the line between the two colors.

Image6. Keep coating the nail with the topcoat until the colors smoothly blend into each other for the ombré effect.

7. Repeat these steps for the rest of your nails and be patient because it may take a while to get the process right.


*note: don’t worry too much about getting polish outside the nail because when they are dry, you can use a acetone-soaked Q-tip to removed the edges


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