Glimpse of Thanksgiving

Now that it’s a full day and a half after my Thanksgiving feast, I can (somewhat) comfortably button my jeans and look at turkey again.  Sadly, thoughts of turkey dinner and fitting into my jeans again haven’t stopped me from grazing on the ridiculous amount of leftover casseroles since my 4 hour-long food coma on Thursday night.  It’s simply too hard to resist the delicious dishes that I tirelessly cook year after year- and it’s not only because these are the few days of the year that I can delve into such unhealthy casseroles with a reasonable excuse but also because of the sweet nostalgia that comes along with another year of Thanksgiving.  It’s definitely a crazy and stressful holiday, but getting to celebrate it with family, friends, and pets gives all of us the chance to reflect on what this time of the year really means and how thankful we should be for all that we have.  Despite having quite the hangover, a cold, and being stuffed full of food no matter how much my stomach protested, I’m more than thankful that my holiday went well.  I hope that your Thanksgiving was just as memorable, a bit less painful than mine, and full of turkey, stuffing, and wine!

Scroll down to check out some photos I took at my house on Thursday!


Cute little set up of appetizers and casseroles before the turkey was carved


 My mom’s dinner table setting for the family


 Grilling up some apples with my dad





So. Good..


Homemade spiked apple cider brought by my Uncle

IMG_3432  IMG_3434

Our TWO turkeys (bottom one is oven baked and top one is smoked)


tried a new stuffing recipe and it was delish- find it here!


Oven turkey, smoked turkey, and Smithfield ham…



My favorite- veggie casserole (the goodies are underneath the ritz)


second favorite casserole- sweet potato


the pre-dinner champagne toast- CHEERS!


Chili in the morning after… full of turkey and not happy about taking Christmas pictures




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