DIY Holiday Gift Guide

If you are at all crafty, creative, or simply want to give homemade gifts to your loved ones this holiday, I’ve got the list for you!  I’m lucky enough that I was born with quite the creative streak when it comes to art, so I’ve been able to test out a few of these myself to make sure they are successful and do-able!  Some of these gifts are more difficult than others, so make sure you are prepared to put effort and time into them before you start.  If you do decide to try any of these, I’m sure that you won’t regret it and its recipient will be quite impressed to receive such a personalized and unique gift.  Good Luck!

1. Lemon Body Scrub (very easy)


2. Chalkboard Wine Glasses (I have some and they are great!)


3. Painted Vases



for the painted bear vases click here

4. Painted Mugs


5. Bath Bombs


for an all-natural version, click here

6. Personalized Stationary


I made my own note cards to give to friends as a gift by scanning some of my fashion sketches into my computer and then using the method explained in the above DIY to get then printed on basic notecards:


7. Anytime-Anywhere Tie Blankets (I’ve made these for a lot of people and they all love them- so soft!)

Image Image

 *note: use 2 yards of fabric in each color for an adult sized blanket


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