Honey-Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean And Corn Tacos


Over the past few weeks, my roommates and I have been especially adventurous with our dinner choices.  From grilled pineapple turkey burgers to buffalo chicken spaghetti squash, our meals have been amazing considering they’ve been almost completely made from scratch.  Last night, we decided to continue this exciting trend and tested out a recipe I found on Pinterest for sweet potato tacos.  We usually only have baked sweet potatoes when made the classic way, with a little brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon on top, but this recipe called for a completely new cooking route for the festive sweet potato.  After following the recipe to the tee, we were extremely pleased to have created a BEAUTIFUL and colorful combination of ingredients to load into our warm tortillas.  Just by the look of this meal, we knew it was a dinner that would be repeated quite often.  As we all took our first bites at the same time, with bubbling anticipation, immense pleasure and satisfaction with the flavor quickly spread across our faces.  The combination of the sweet yet spicy potatoes with the rest of the ingredients made for the most unique yet delectable meal I’ve had in a while.  It didn’t take any of us long to clean our plates, and we were even left with a hefty portion of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  I cannot express how great of a meal this was, especially considering how easy to make and nutritious it is.  I HIGHLY recommend this recipe to anyone and everyone looking for a different yet satisfying dinner.  Check out a few pictures I captured of our meal below and prepare to drool.  YUM.


Pre-loading into our tortillas– already looking so mouthwatering


 The plated meal– and it even smelled better than it looked


Greek yogurt for one, please!

In light of the Olympics’ sponsorship by Chobani, even though there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the authenticity of the company’s claims, I’d like to highlight one of my favorite breakfast spots nestled in the heart of NYC – Chobani!  Chobani opened its first café this past summer, conveniently only a few blocks away from my apartment, in the lively SoHo neighborhood.  I had already grown into a Chobani Greek yogurt fanatic by this time, so hearing the news of this new breakfast (or whenever) spot was like music to my ears.  I made my first visit to the impeccably clean, simple, and bright yogurt bar on the way to my internship one morning and was immediately pleased upon seeing the unique menu to choose my yogurt combination from.  After taking far too long trying to chose only one item from the list of amazing choices, I decided on the toasted coconut + pineapple yogurt combo, which was beyond DELICIOUS!  I was amazed by how much better and fresher the yogurt (which was 0% plain) tasted than it ever did when I bought it from the grocery store.  The toppings (pineapple, toasted coconut, light agave nectar, and hazelnuts) were also incredibly fresh and flavorful, making it the best Greek yogurt meal I’d had yet.  The fact that every customer is given the option to keep the adorable glass bowl that the meal comes in is also quite the added bonus.  I couldn’t help but keep my bowl, which I still use today to eat my yogurt from.  I visited the café once more before I had to return home for the summer, and that time I chose the blueberry + power combination.  Unfortunately, Chobani was out of their blueberries at the time and offered me to choose any replacement fruit, which ended up being deliciously ripe strawberries and mangos.  The combination of the fruit with chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, toasted sunflower seeds, walnuts, and light agave made for yet another perfect breakfast.

The next time I’m in the city, I will definitely make a stop (or two) at Chobani, just after I get my fix from Shake Shack.  If you are ever in the city and have an affinity for Greek yogurt and fresh ingredients like I do, add the Chobani café to the top of your “to-do” list.  Check out the café menu that I’ve posted below (which also features food other than yogurt) and a few pictures that I took of my delectable yogurt combinations- YUMMY!



The adorable packaging that comes with a “to-go” yogurt bowl!



…Is your mouth watering yet?

Favorites from my makeup bag!


1. Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette (only shadows I use now)

2. Make Up For Ever Matte Bronzer (love how it’s matte and really natural-looking color)

3. Nars Blush in Orgasm or Deep Throat (most flattering colors ever)

4. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero (I have this is so many colors)

5. Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer (great for under eye circles, etc..)

6. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (a great tinted balm)

7. Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara in Black (my 2nd favorite to the Chanel Inimitable Mascara that’s too expensive to buy often)

8. Laura Mercier Oil Free/SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer (great for the summer and when I don’t want to wear foundation)  

The REAL reason some of us watch PLL

Every Tuesday night at 8pm, my roommates and I like to sit on the sofa and tune into one of the most popular TV shows today, Pretty Little Liars.  We’ve all been watching the mystery/drama since it began a few years ago, and have somehow kept up with all of the crazy twists and turns the show takes with the four leading ladies.  I will admit, the cheesy dramatics in the show are always entertaining and leaves me wanting for more at the end of an episode, but another key reason I look forward to watching PLL is for the fashion.  The main characters, Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily are always styled with clothes and accessories from my favorite designers and I always find myself wanting to own almost everything they wear on the show.  For example, one of my favorite brands, Wildfox, is frequently spotted on any of the girls on the show and never fails to make me go online immediately after to search for a certain item.  Posted below are a few of my favorite outfits from the past PLL episodes.  If you don’t already watch the show, you should.  It comes on ABC Family on Tuesday nights at 8pm…you can thank me later. 


5 Biggest Moments from NYFW!

1. Kendall Jenner walking in the Marc Jacobs show…braless!


This definitely caused the most controversy and surprise from the public.  I think it’d be a bit more tasteful if she was able to wear a bra, but I’m not at all surprised that she isn’t.  Nipples are always out during fashion week…no biggie for the models.

2. The streaker at Prabal Gurung



3. Rodarte’s Star Wars gowns


Can’t say I’d wear any of these, but I appreciate the nod to one of my favorite sagas

4. Alexander Wang’s heat-activated leathers


SO cool and modern!

5. The ridiculous amount of crazy-colored furs on the streets


They were EVERYWHERE…I want to touch every single one even though I’m strictly faux fur 

photos from vogue.com, fashionista.com, and nymag.com

Two Of My Favorite Things Have Finally Come Together

I was very surprised, to say the least, when I gazed upon the first Star Wars image printed onto a gown from the Rodarte Fall 2014 collection.  I’m quite the closeted nerd and have been obsessed with Star Wars since kindergarten, when I would kiss my life-sized Luke Skywalker poster goodnight…every single night.  So, you can imagine my excitement upon seeing one of my favorite things literally combined with another one of my loves, fashion.  Even though I couldn’t stop staring at the perfectly printed images of Luke and C-3PO on these designer gowns, I will admit that the pieces are definitely more worthy of looking at or instagramming than actually wearing.  Perhaps if the designers printed the same images onto a neoprene sweatshirt instead of a floor-length gown, people would be much more inclined to actually wear the look.  Either way, I definitely appreciate the designers’ creative effort and tribute to such a classic series even though I would probably never wear their Yoda-printed dress in public.  Take a peek for yourself at the sci-fi looks below.  Would you dare to wear these in public?






* All images are from Style.com

Manolo Blanhik Fall 2014 Presentation

To honor the brand partly responsible for the name of this blog, I feel as if it’s necessary that I give you a look into the Manolo Blanhik Fall 2014 presentation that occurred this past Sunday in NYC.  The presentation was beautifully set up and able to display each pair of shoes perfectly, whether they were hanging from the ceiling or perched on a platform.  The collection was amazing (as always) and I felt like each shoe was unique and had its own story and inspiration.  There were so many different types of shoes on display, ranging from ladylike pumps, tall boots, ankle boots, and even flats, which quite surprised me.  I also felt as if the shoes were so different from one another in their inspiration, as the styles varied from historic Renaissance and Art Nouveau inspired looks to some opposing minimalistic and even futuristic-looking themes.  Take a look for yourself and prepare to drool over your next dream shoe!















IMG_2082* All photos taken from Vogue.com & Fashionista.com

FUR is officially here to stay for Fall 2014

We’re only halfway through fashion week in NYC and I already know that we’re in for yet another (and possibly more) fur-filled fall and winter for 2014.  Beginning in the F/W runway shows last February, we started seeing more fur than usual and in many new forms on the runways.  The fact that it feel like it’s had an even bigger presence in these latest Fall 2014 shows somewhat surprises me.  With all of the controversy and negativity swirling around about the fur industry, I would’ve thought that the fashion world had caught onto the trend a little more by now.  It seems like there was a season or two a few years ago where using real fur was so frowned upon, however, things now seem to have returned to their oblivious state regarding the cruel practices on our furry friends.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do think that real fur is beautiful and functional, but faux fur is truly the way to go if fur is something you can’t live without.  Nowadays, faux fur is just about as soft and warm as the real thing and we don’t have to feel guilty for the poor animal it came from while wearing it.  Even though my stance on the subject is pretty strictly against using the real thing, I can’t help but want to touch and feel the latest fur garments and accessories that I’ve seen on the runways over the past few days.  Take a look for yourself below at some of the real and faux furs straight from the New York runways that I thought were quite beautiful and undoubtedly a sign of what’s to come for this fall.

From Coach:

ImageImageFrom Jill Stuart:

ImageFrom Kaelen:

ImageFrom 10 Crosby Derek Lam:

ImageImageImageFrom Prabal Gurung:


From Rebecca Taylor:


From BCBG:

ImageImageFrom Rebecca Minkoff:

ImageFrom Nicole Miller:


From Kate Spade:


*All photos from WWD.com

Valentine’s Day Gifts For All Of The Ladies

I’m normally a grumpy gal when Valentine’s Day rolls around each year.  The combination of not having a real Valentine and being surrounded by friends who have ridiculously awesome boyfriends is usually what causes my animosity around this time.  However, aside from the fact that I still get my Valentine’s Day candy (and sometimes flowers) solely from my parents at the age of 21, I DO get to eat chocolate and drink unnecessary amounts of wine without the usual feelings of guilt.  Therefore, as long as I don’t step out of my house and have the necessary provisions nearby to keep me occupied, V-Day can be bearable.  If you’re like me and will probably have to provide your own V-Day gifts OR if you’re one of the lucky ladies who will be receiving gifts from a significant other, I have a little wish list for you to consider.  I’ve gathered a few simple gift ideas that I’d love to get myself and/or receive from someone special that may catch your eye as well.  Enjoy and Happy (Early) Valentine’s Day!


1. Romantic Candle

2. Wine or Champagne

3. Luxurious Body Lotion

4. Nars Lip Pencil or Gloss

5. Flowers

6. Sexy Scent

7. Hanky Panky Undies Set

8. Dainty Heart Rings

9. Whitman’s Box of Chocolates


A Spring Break Wishlist To Start On Today!

Now that’s it February and officially a month from Spring Break season, I can’t keep my mind off the sun, sand, and warm weather clothes.  My roommates and I are booked on a cruise for our Spring Break trip in March, which will take us on a 5-day trip to the glorious Western Caribbean.  We’ve been talking about this trip for months now, and the fact that it’s a little over a month away has made it impossible not to start shopping for new bathing suits and cover ups.  I’ve put together a collage of some cute Spring Break essentials from my favorite warm-weather brands including Wildfox, Victoria’s Secret, O’Neill, Hurley, and more!  It’s time to forget the cold weather outside and start shopping for the spring!

Image1. White Mini Dress On Vanessa Hudgens

2. Teal Scalloped Bikini

3. Toms Beach Flats

4. Lash Genius Waterproof Mascara

5. Sun Bum After-Sun Lotion

6. Lobster Sweater

7. Orange Fringe Bikini

8. Wildfox Gold Heart Sunglasses

9. Straw Beach Hat

10. Wildfox “Salt Water” Cover-Up Top

11. Tribal/Crochet Bustier Bikini