Valentine’s Day Gifts For All Of The Ladies

I’m normally a grumpy gal when Valentine’s Day rolls around each year.  The combination of not having a real Valentine and being surrounded by friends who have ridiculously awesome boyfriends is usually what causes my animosity around this time.  However, aside from the fact that I still get my Valentine’s Day candy (and sometimes flowers) solely from my parents at the age of 21, I DO get to eat chocolate and drink unnecessary amounts of wine without the usual feelings of guilt.  Therefore, as long as I don’t step out of my house and have the necessary provisions nearby to keep me occupied, V-Day can be bearable.  If you’re like me and will probably have to provide your own V-Day gifts OR if you’re one of the lucky ladies who will be receiving gifts from a significant other, I have a little wish list for you to consider.  I’ve gathered a few simple gift ideas that I’d love to get myself and/or receive from someone special that may catch your eye as well.  Enjoy and Happy (Early) Valentine’s Day!


1. Romantic Candle

2. Wine or Champagne

3. Luxurious Body Lotion

4. Nars Lip Pencil or Gloss

5. Flowers

6. Sexy Scent

7. Hanky Panky Undies Set

8. Dainty Heart Rings

9. Whitman’s Box of Chocolates



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