Two Of My Favorite Things Have Finally Come Together

I was very surprised, to say the least, when I gazed upon the first Star Wars image printed onto a gown from the Rodarte Fall 2014 collection.  I’m quite the closeted nerd and have been obsessed with Star Wars since kindergarten, when I would kiss my life-sized Luke Skywalker poster goodnight…every single night.  So, you can imagine my excitement upon seeing one of my favorite things literally combined with another one of my loves, fashion.  Even though I couldn’t stop staring at the perfectly printed images of Luke and C-3PO on these designer gowns, I will admit that the pieces are definitely more worthy of looking at or instagramming than actually wearing.  Perhaps if the designers printed the same images onto a neoprene sweatshirt instead of a floor-length gown, people would be much more inclined to actually wear the look.  Either way, I definitely appreciate the designers’ creative effort and tribute to such a classic series even though I would probably never wear their Yoda-printed dress in public.  Take a peek for yourself at the sci-fi looks below.  Would you dare to wear these in public?






* All images are from


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