Greek yogurt for one, please!

In light of the Olympics’ sponsorship by Chobani, even though there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the authenticity of the company’s claims, I’d like to highlight one of my favorite breakfast spots nestled in the heart of NYC – Chobani!  Chobani opened its first café this past summer, conveniently only a few blocks away from my apartment, in the lively SoHo neighborhood.  I had already grown into a Chobani Greek yogurt fanatic by this time, so hearing the news of this new breakfast (or whenever) spot was like music to my ears.  I made my first visit to the impeccably clean, simple, and bright yogurt bar on the way to my internship one morning and was immediately pleased upon seeing the unique menu to choose my yogurt combination from.  After taking far too long trying to chose only one item from the list of amazing choices, I decided on the toasted coconut + pineapple yogurt combo, which was beyond DELICIOUS!  I was amazed by how much better and fresher the yogurt (which was 0% plain) tasted than it ever did when I bought it from the grocery store.  The toppings (pineapple, toasted coconut, light agave nectar, and hazelnuts) were also incredibly fresh and flavorful, making it the best Greek yogurt meal I’d had yet.  The fact that every customer is given the option to keep the adorable glass bowl that the meal comes in is also quite the added bonus.  I couldn’t help but keep my bowl, which I still use today to eat my yogurt from.  I visited the café once more before I had to return home for the summer, and that time I chose the blueberry + power combination.  Unfortunately, Chobani was out of their blueberries at the time and offered me to choose any replacement fruit, which ended up being deliciously ripe strawberries and mangos.  The combination of the fruit with chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, toasted sunflower seeds, walnuts, and light agave made for yet another perfect breakfast.

The next time I’m in the city, I will definitely make a stop (or two) at Chobani, just after I get my fix from Shake Shack.  If you are ever in the city and have an affinity for Greek yogurt and fresh ingredients like I do, add the Chobani café to the top of your “to-do” list.  Check out the café menu that I’ve posted below (which also features food other than yogurt) and a few pictures that I took of my delectable yogurt combinations- YUMMY!



The adorable packaging that comes with a “to-go” yogurt bowl!



…Is your mouth watering yet?


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