Honey-Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean And Corn Tacos


Over the past few weeks, my roommates and I have been especially adventurous with our dinner choices.  From grilled pineapple turkey burgers to buffalo chicken spaghetti squash, our meals have been amazing considering they’ve been almost completely made from scratch.  Last night, we decided to continue this exciting trend and tested out a recipe I found on Pinterest for sweet potato tacos.  We usually only have baked sweet potatoes when made the classic way, with a little brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon on top, but this recipe called for a completely new cooking route for the festive sweet potato.  After following the recipe to the tee, we were extremely pleased to have created a BEAUTIFUL and colorful combination of ingredients to load into our warm tortillas.  Just by the look of this meal, we knew it was a dinner that would be repeated quite often.  As we all took our first bites at the same time, with bubbling anticipation, immense pleasure and satisfaction with the flavor quickly spread across our faces.  The combination of the sweet yet spicy potatoes with the rest of the ingredients made for the most unique yet delectable meal I’ve had in a while.  It didn’t take any of us long to clean our plates, and we were even left with a hefty portion of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  I cannot express how great of a meal this was, especially considering how easy to make and nutritious it is.  I HIGHLY recommend this recipe to anyone and everyone looking for a different yet satisfying dinner.  Check out a few pictures I captured of our meal below and prepare to drool.  YUM.


Pre-loading into our tortillas– already looking so mouthwatering


 The plated meal– and it even smelled better than it looked


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