Reasons why a coconut oil obsession can be the best (and sometimes worst) thing ever:


Admit it, about a year ago, 99% of us hadn’t even heard of coconut oil.  Upon hearing the word coconut, we usually just experienced flashbacks about the coconut rum-filled regrets from high school or the makeshift Hawaiian bras that all of us ladies have secretly (or not so secretly) tried on before.  However, nowadays we can barely go a week without hearing the word coconut oil being name-dropped by celebrities and the media as the new “miracle food.”  I’m not ashamed to confess that I am among those gals who have jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon over the past year, and I have happily used the product for many different purposes.  Unfortunately, over this past week on my last spring break, I wasn’t reminded of the numerous benefits of coconut oil, but instead of a downside to using it incorrectly.  Check out the list below, where I’ve rounded up my favorite uses of the tropical oil as well as a few pointers to make sure you’re getting the best out of your purchase and don’t make the same mistake I did!

  1. It’s great for baking yummy (and healthy) treats- it’s a great replacement for vegetable oil
  2. Put a little into your morning coffee or tea instead of creamer… it may seem scary but actually tastes GOOD
  3. Use it as a delicious-smelling body and face moisturizer- it won’t dry out your skin later since it isn’t made with water
  4. It will give your hair the tropical vacation it deserves- it’s a great conditioner for the dry ends and adds shine
  5. Use it to remove your eye makeup- super moisturizing and gentle on that delicate skin
  6. It’s a fantastic lip balm- it tastes yummy too


  1. Yes, it does serve as a great tanning oil but it only has SPF 4 and won’t protect your skin from high-intensity sun without any other sunscreen— this is where I made my mistake on my spring break cruise, as I relied only on the oil to protect my fair skin on the first day
  2. Make sure the type you get is extra virgin, non-hydrogenated, non-bleached, unrefined, and non-deodorized (you also might as well get organic to ensure perfection)
  3. Eat it in moderation- since it IS still an oil and high in saturated fat
  4. Be aware that it liquefies when the temperature is above 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so store it depending on how you want to use it
  5. ENJOY!


This is the kind I use!

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