A Breakfast For Success

This morning, I woke up very early to get some last minute studying in for a big test I had today.  Every morning, no matter what, I give myself about 30 minutes of extra time so that I can make and actually sit down to enjoy my coffee and breakfast without feeling rushed and anxious.  This time I have to myself every morning really wakes me up and starts the day on a relaxed and positive note (in my opinion).  However, I do treat test days a bit more special when deciding what to make myself for breakfast.  Instead of the usual Greek yogurt or oatmeal mixed with various fruits, I always make some kind of egg-based dish since I’ve always believed that they give my brain a little boost.  This morning, I was exceptionally lucky because I not only had eggs, but also some fresh smoked salmon, avocado, and whole grains, which are all listed as brain-boosting “superfoods” by WebMD!  I promise they are…check out the WebMD full list if you don’t believe me!  Anyway, my breakfast was so satisfying and combined with some berries and the usual coffee on the side, I felt confident and ready to kick ass on my test.  Check out a few snapshots I took this morning and an easy recipe for the delectable and “smart” breakfast I made right below!



½ whole wheat English muffin or whole grain + flax sandwich thin

¼ fresh avocado (mashed)

~ 1 slice of smoked salmon (shred it up with your fingers)

Handful of feta cheese

1 whole egg + 1 egg white

ground pepper and hot sauce for garnish


  1. Scramble your eggs into a bowl and combine them with the shredded smoked salmon and feta cheese
  2. Add ground pepper into the mixture and pour it onto a hot skillet to cook until desired level
  3. While eggs are cooking, toast your bread and spread the avocado on bread while warm
  4. Top the cooked egg mixture on the avocado-spread bread and garnish the mountain of deliciousness with ground pepper and hot sauce
  5. Enjoy while it’s hot! SO YUMMY!


P.S.: look out for my next post if you are a smoked salmon lover, or want to try it out…lots of yummy recipes to come! 


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