Outfit Ideas For Some Of My Favorite Spring Trends!

Since it’s “officially” springtime (even though it may not feel like it), I gathered together some outfit ideas featuring a few of my favorite spring trends!  All of these clothes come from stores such as Intermix, Nordstrom, Zara, and Bloomingdales, so if you like any of them, feel free to click on the image reference link to take you to the store’s website!  If you haven’t done your spring shopping yet, it’s time to get out and GET IT DONE- hopefully this post will be a little motivation for ya!  Enjoy!

1. Crop tops..yep they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon!

Image(top left-right): Sequin Floral Crop, Rag & Bone White Crop, Sporty Crop

(bottom left-right): Flower Power Crop, Floral Crop, Marbled Pink Crop

2. Sheer fabrics


(top left-right): Sheer blue top, Navy Cutout Top, Sheer White Dress 

(bottom left-right): Black Sheer Stripes, White Sheer Top

3. Graphics + Florals


(top left-right): Graphic skirt, Printed sneakers, Floral pumps, Neoprene dress

(bottom left-right): Floral print tee, Pink print tee, Graphic dress

4. Sporty Chic


(top left-right): Print shorts, Mesh sneaker, Sporty top & cap

(bottom left-right): Football dress, Mesh sling bag, Converse sneaker, Floral tee

5. Pretty Pastels


(top left-right): Multicolored skirt, Blue satchel, Mint shoes, Green aviators, Pink shift

(bottom left-right): Scalloped tank, Pink blazer/shorts combo, Blue layered top, Mint outfit 

6. Midi/Tea Length Skirts


(left-right): Black skirt, Yellow skirt, Nude pleated skirt, White skirt



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