My Nostalgic Response To A Fantastic Post

I know that I’m due for a fashion-related post, but after such a stressful past week and impending weeks ahead of me, I felt inspired to write about a topic that puts my mind at ease and will be heavily relied upon to maintain my sanity until graduation in a few weeks. While surfing the web in between classes the other day, I found a fantastic article on that seemed as if it was written specifically for me. I was so happy when I found it because it reflected a lot of feelings that I have myself, not only about John Mayer, but also music in general. I immediately related to the author’s recollection of how Mayer’s music has made an impact in her life, as his music has also frequently been the friend by my side throughout numerous difficult (as well as happy) situations during my youth and more recently, college years. I can remember listening to “The Heart of Life” on repeat in middle school, when I learned that my beloved puppy was going to be put down as a result of heart problems. In high school, I remember comparing the original version of “Free Fallin’” to John’s acoustic cover with my sister and consequently only being able to listen to the latter because it was so much better. When Continuum first came out, every night cooking dinner in the kitchen was made up of dancing and singing along with my family to the emotional and breathy tracks. Whenever I was feeling down in high school and college, “Gravity” became the only thing that could put my mind at ease and help me fall sleep.

Over my past four years in college, my love for John’s music twofolded. When I got into UGA for undergrad, “Why Georgia” became my anthem for every 8-hour drive to and from home. I found myself revisiting his old music, such as “Come Back to Bed” and “St. Patrick’s Day” in efforts to make myself feel better about my nonexistent or fickle relationships. I rekindled my love for his EP song “Victoria,” and “In Your Atmosphere” nudged its way into my top three favorite songs of his. I was even inspired to start playing guitar again in efforts to one day successfully strum and sing to his music myself. I still want “Daughters” to be one of the songs played at my wedding, and I’ve made my parents aware that either John will be there playing it for me as a guest or as my husband, which I have no shame in admitting.

It’s impossible to explain how many feelings I can associate with each of Mayer’s songs, but they truly have provided such a solace for me during times when no one else could. My amazing parents were able to snag fourth row seats for one of his concerts this past Christmas, and I’ve never been happier than I was then, standing before him while he ended the show with “Gravity.” Every time I listen to the live version of that song, literally EVERY time, I get the chills.

Throughout my life, Mayer’s music has done so much for me, and I’m sure that there are other artists that do the same for my fellow music-lovers out there. So, after reading this article on, I was happy to discover that there was someone else in this world that shared these crazy feelings. If you can’t seem to relate with me on this topic, I assume that you find comfort in some form other than music. However, no matter what you use to fall back on, I believe that it’s so important for everyone to have SOMETHING to feed and heal the soul when there is no one or nothing else around to do so.      

P.S. – watch his recent acoustic cover of Beyoncé’s “XO;” it’ll blow you away



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