Teaming Up: The Best Designer Collabs To Look Forward To

One after another, designer collaborations with lower priced brands have officially become the “new thing.”  Even though it slightly annoys me that it seems as if every designer is now just hopping on the bandwagon, I really can’t complain that they are!  I’ve been one of those girls who have waited at the crack of dawn outside Target, to get my hands on its previously popular collections with Phillip Lim and Peter Pilotto, so I’m clearly a fan of the trend.  In my opinion, the overall idea of these collaborations, to offer designer looks at lower prices, is the best idea that the fashion world has come up with in a long time.  The final products have almost always turned out great, and I am definitely all for this trend continuing its rise to the mainstream.  The beginning of 2014 has been especially exciting due to the announcement of SO MANY upcoming collabs, which consequently led me to make this list of those that we can look the most forward to and even start shopping for TODAY!

Prepare to get your wallets and calendars ready!

What to start shopping for TODAY:

Zooey Deschanel with Tommy Hilfiger — hit the online stores on Monday, so get shopping ASAP!


J.Crew with Sophia Webster — this anticipated collection hit stores Monday and debuts online TODAY!!!


What to mark on your calendars to shop for in the fall:

Kate Spade with Gap Kids — on sale in November 2014


Mary Katrantzou with Adidas — debuts in November 2014


Roland Mouret with Banana Republic — available in August 2014


AND…drum rolllllllll….. Alexander Wang with H&M — November 6, 2014!




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