Something Borrowed


There’s something about those items that were once owned and worn by our family members and then passed down to us that tend to hold a very dear place in our hearts.  Not only are these “vintage” items seen as trendy and fashionable today, but they also give us the ability to carry a little piece of home around with us whenever we want.  I’m sure that those of you who are lucky enough to own something passed down from a family member, like myself, are quite familiar with the nostalgia and love attached to such an item.  My special item is one of the watches that my dad constantly wore during my youth, which he gave to me this past Christmas.  It’s a beautiful and classic timepiece that I know I’ll always love to wear.  Not only is it parallel to my fashion taste but it also gives me something to hold close to my heart and remind me of home when in need.

If you aren’t as fortunate as I am to have a nostalgic item in your wardrobe or jewelry box, don’t start begging for a hand-me-down right away.  Asking for it will take away most of what makes it special- trust that once you DO get your trinket, it’ll have been worth the wait.  Until then, I recommend that you stop by your local thrift or vintage shop to fulfill your nostalgic needs.  Who knows, you may even find an old-school Chanel bag tucked away behind those 1960s timepieces!

armMy very own “something borrowed” paired with a favorite bracelet


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