GlamGlow Supermud

whole container

A few months ago, I was browsing through my twitter feed and read that one of my favorite beauty idols and TV actresses, Nina Dobrev, uses a facial mask called GlamGlow Supermud regularly to maintain her PERFECT skin, which I’ve always admired. I hadn’t ever really experimented with masks in the past, other than the cheap drugstore ones that we all remember using while playing “beauty salon” as kids, so I was totally down to officially dip my toes into the mask domain if it meant achieving perfect skin like Nina’s. Before diving right into buying this $69 treatment, I made sure to do my research to be certain that it would actually be a worthy purchase. I read over a ton of customer and company reviews of this “supermud,” and soon enough, my Sephora shopping bag was filled with my first “real” mask treatment! When I received my GlamGlow in the mail, I was so excited to try it out that I cleared my schedule for the night to give myself plenty of time to experiment. After opening the small container, I was initially turned off by the dark grey coloring and chunky consistency, but hey, if those chunks of charcoal were there to make my skin glow, I had no reason to change my mind. I spread a thin-ish layer all over my face and watched as the mud dried and darkened over my most problematic and oily areas. After about twenty minutes of letting it soak in and pull the impurities out of my pores, I washed it all off my face and immediately noticed some skin brightening results! My skin was SO smooth and looked much happier in general.

What the “mud” looks like…

in hand

After applying a thin layer (TRY to ignore my wet hair and embarrassing cat-ear headband):

far away face

Letting the drying process begin (notice the specks of charcoal): 

before dried

All dried and ready to rinse off:

dried face

My first positive experience left me excited to continue using the treatment, and I have since been hooked to my first mask purchase! Here are some of the benefits that its company promotes for using this mask:

With six different acne-fighting acids, activated charcoal, clay, and natural ingredients, it works to…

o   restore damaged skin and improve skin texture

o   help de-clog to minimize pores and promote new skin rejuvenation    

o   help pigmentation, moisture, stimulation, and skin collagen

o   help fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin

o   help effects of scarring and clear skin

o   help fight bacteria and breakouts

o   help calm, soothe, and heal skin

o   etc…

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits to using this mask on a regular basis and I really think that it actually works! I haven’t used it enough to be 100% sure of its effectiveness but so far my results have been awesome! To get your own GlamGlow mud mask, check out the company website or Sephora!



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