In A Galaxy (not too) Far Away…


I became the most avid Star Wars fan before I even started kindergarten (no joke). Even though I don’t exactly remember the first time that I saw the first “episode,” I DO clearly remember the life-sized Luke Skywalker poster hanging on my bedroom door and the kisses I gave poor Mark Hamill every single night before I went to bed. And yes, I was only about 3 years old at the time. Of course, 19 years later and I’m still just as a believer in the force as I was in the beginning. This love for anything and everything Star Wars that I have was recently recalled when I laid eyes upon the most exciting fashion development EVER… STAR WARS THEMED VANS!

photo%202-22I mean..come on, how adorable are these baby Vans?! 

I am so glad that companies are finally realizing that mixing awesome Star Wars graphics with classic Vans styling truly make for the coolest pair of shoes to add to the modern-day chic-geek’s wish list…and yes, I did just make that nickname up. I was shopping with my mom in our local mall the other day when my eyes immediately zeroed in on these sweet and unique kicks. Being somewhat of a beach/skater kid growing up, I naturally have a place in my heart for the Vans brand, but the nerdy part of my personality yearned even more for these gems than my fashionista or beachy personas could’ve imagined.

I am very determined to donate a portion of my next paycheck to a pair of these pretty pennies to not only express my pride as a Star Wars fan, but also because I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it would feel to literally be wearing Yoda on my feet all day. For all of my fellow Star Wars-loving fashionistas, to keep your nerdy woes under control while waiting to get a pair of these Vans for yourselves, feel free to follow my lead and munch on what I refer to as my ” Yoda popcorn” (see deets below) while rewatching episodes I-VI. Happy hump day and may the force be with all of you “chic-geeks!” (hehe)


Get your Vans at a local Vans store or online here!


My “Yoda Popcorn” (a.k.a. Quinn Popcorn’s Kale & Sea Salt pop) 


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