First Date at the Barre


Since I moved up north to Tysons Corner (a.k.a. D.C.), I have been dying to get off my ass on my days off and actually get back into my workout routine that I tried so hard to instill while I was in school. Of course, I quickly realized that after long nine-hour shifts on my feet, all that I was motivated to do on days off was to lay in bed and watch Netflix or read one of the many books I brought from home. Finally, after feeling like I’d officially become a lazy BUM, I made the necessary move to get back into my groove and decided to purchase a series of classes (at a discount) to the new and hot fitness studio of the moment, Pure Barre. I hate to admit it, but I’ve always been really into the crazy fitness trends that go in and out of style just like every other fashion fad we see come and go. However, even though most of these workout classes that I’ve tested out have been the at-the-moment fitness trends, I completely fell in love with each and honestly didn’t understand why everyone viewed them as fads. For example, I tried SoulCycle in New York last summer, and I can absolutely say that I haven’t experienced a more moving, spiritual, and effective workout in my life. I can’t even explain the feelings of bliss I experienced when walking out of every class drenched in sweat, but I can verify that the ridiculous prices are there for a reason. When I returned to school in Georgia for my senior year, I sadly couldn’t bring SoulCycle with me and instead decided to take on a new fitness venture with yoga!

IMG_1981My TriBeCa SoulCycle studio!

Once again, I fell in love with what yoga had to offer and I still miss the calm and relaxing effects that would last for days after a good yoga session. Just as I felt when parting ways with SoulCycle, I was sad to leave my stress-relieving fitness routine when I graduated and moved to a completely new place and lifestyle last month. So, when deciding on what fitness habit to devote my time (and paychecks) to the other day, I was NOT about to weight my options lightly. I was VERY tempted to return to yoga or even SoulCycle because there are studios not too far away, but I really wanted to try something new and challenging. This is where the idea of barre class came into play. I’d heard a lot of great things about this type of fitness class, but wasn’t truly convinced that the tiny movements involved would actually give me the challenging workout that I wanted.

However, I made a bold decision and booked my first date at Pure Barre for this past Wednesday, on my day off from work. When I walked into the small and clean studio on Wednesday, I was immediately greeted by two lovely employees who then showed me around the studio and prepared me for what my first class would be like, including being given commands that I probably wouldn’t know the meaning of and the importance of wearing sticky socks. After my short prep for the class, I took a seat on the carpeted ground with a stretchy resistance tube, 2-lb. weights, a barre ball, and feelings of confidence about the workout that was about to ensue. To my surprise, after about two minutes into the 55-minute class, I realized that my initial lack of intimidation was about to be completely overthrown. Until that class, I’d never seen my legs, arms, and every other muscle group in my body shake so much…and as you now know, I’ve done my share of crazy fitness classes!

SHP-PureBarre-2The equipment for barre

The barre class began with a fast-paced warm up full of coordinated step-class style moves, followed by sections devoted to the arms, legs, seat (butt), and abs, and ended with a cool down stretching sequence for our tired muscles. We performed a combination of standing, sitting, and bar-based exercises that focused on holding poses for a certain amount of time and repetitions of tiny movements for the specific muscle groups. I never knew that such small moves could create such a burn in my body, but boy was my mind completely changed after that class! I really liked the upbeat music, targeted moves, fast pace, and positivity of the employees who walked around and taught the class, which has made me really excited for my next class! Of course, I’ll need a bit more practice to nail down the movements associated with the barre-specific vocabulary that I was warned about before my first class, but that’s what my next few classes are for, right?!  I hope that this testimony motivates some of you to try out your own barre class if you haven’t already because it’s SUCH a great workout and uplifting routine to get into!

Happy Sunday Everyone!




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