Every girl needs something shiny and pretty to wear, especially now that there’s so much to choose from in the market today.  Whether it’s one special piece that you can’t take off or a box full of little baubles, owning indispensible jewelry is essential for women today because these pieces can communicate not only a sense of style but also the personality of the wearer.  Personally, I like to wear jewelry that carries a special meaning for me the most, but I also enjoy collecting small and delicate pieces that I can layer and combine with my more significant accessories.  This past week, I was able to add a few more pretty trinkets to my collection after spending a day shopping with my mother.  It was great having her visit and she left me with not only good memories but also some jewels to remind me of the fun few days we spent together!  I hope that everyone reading this is wearing or can think of a special piece of their own that carries some sort of meaning or special memory.  Have a fantastic Monday, be spontaneous, and stay classy my friends!  xoxo


My new spiked cuff (top) from J Crew with some other favorite pieces


My new gold/diamond bangle and Alexis Bittar earrings with more of my favorite jewels


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