Back To Campus: Staying Cozy in Class

Since August is somehow already here, I know that many of you fashionistas will be packing up for and heading back to your college campuses soon!  I wish I could join all of you and drive back to UGA for another fun semester as a college kid, but I must face the reality of being an official grown-up and instead live vicariously through my friends still in school.  Even though I won’t be packing up my own closet and struggling to find a new and fresh wardrobe for the fall semester, I decided to help all of you ladies out in deciding what items are essential for the various college occasions that you’ll soon be faced with!  The first part of this “Back To Campus” series features my top suggestions for what you gals will need during the week when you’re traveling to and enduring through endless hours of class.  Finding an outfit that was comfortable and practical while still being chic was something that I always struggled with when getting ready for class in the mornings, so I knew that the focus for my first post in the series needed to touch on this common challenge for students.  I hope that you get some shopping inspiration from my suggestions below and make sure to keep an eye out for my next post in the “Back To Campus” series featuring styling ideas for the ALWAYS necessary “classroom to happy hour” outfits!

Essential Item #1: The Cool Backpack


1. Tory Burch Backpack

2. Hershel Supply Co. ‘Heritage’ Mid-Volume Backpack

3. Topshop Pineapple Print Backpack

4. Alexander McQueen Leather Backpack

5. Hershel Heritage Co. ‘Heritage’ Backpack

6. Volcom Canvas Rucksack

Essential Item #2: The Walking Shoe


1. Vans High-Top Sneakers

2. Superga Classic Black Sneakers

3. Converse Missoni Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneaker

4. Classic Vans

5. Lucky Brand Embossed Leather Bootie

6. Nike Free 5.0 Fit 4 Training Shoe

7. Steve Madden Troopa Boot

8. Hunter Tall Moto Rain boot

Essential Item #3: The Comfy Tee/Sweatshirt


1. Private Party Sweatshirt

2. Topshop Palm Leaf Tee

3. Hinge V-Neck Sweatshirt

4. Wildfox Monday Tee

5. Madewell ‘Bien’ Tee

6. Sam Edelman Zip Shoulder Plaid Shirt

Essential Item #4: The ‘Class’ic Casual Bottoms


1. Knit Jogger Pants

2. Madewell Slim Boyjeans

3. Zella Live-in Reversible Leggings





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