HELLO FALL (and everything pumpkin flavored)…

While I was in California, I inevitably found myself in a limbo between the two seasons. Ironically enough, my hotel (The Lodge at Torrey Pines) was a beautifully rustic representation of a cozy mountain lodge, while outside of the hotel, I was surrounded by cloudless skies, tall palm trees, sandy beaches, and a community that only seemed to operate on island time. Even though I was soaking up every second I could of my final summer days in San Diego, I still couldn’t help myself from taking advantage of every fireplace inside my hotel…and yes, I did ask if I could roast s’mores more than once.

Since Labor Day and my summer vacation have now come and gone, I can feel free to express my excitement for the fall season without others giving me shit for “hating” on summer. The arrival of fall marks an amazing time of the year, especially for us on the east coast because it pushes away the awful humidity and brings about cooler air and changing leaves. It’s the season when the crowds of tourists in our cities return to their homes, leaving us able to finally enjoy drinking at our favorite outdoor bars without enduring the usual 30-minute wait in lines to get in. I’m still sad to say goodbye to summer, but now is the perfect time to put any negativity from the past few months behind and embrace the changes that come along with the new season! If you need any inspiration to push those end-of-summer blues away, feel free to browse through a compilation of my favorite things about fall right below!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and everything else pumpkin flavored, I guess):


Warm and Aromatic Candles:




Halloween Movies:


Football Season (GO DAWGS…and Skins):


Changing Leaves:


Fall Fashion (helllooo boots, cozy sweaters, and jeans):



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