The “Tiny” Trend You Should Know About:

In this day and age, it’s no secret that the general population is in love with anything and everything miniature sized. Whether we’re talking about a mini pig, iPad mini, mini schnauzer, mini Reese’s Cups, or even mini ketchup bottles, we can’t help but find these little things just so darn cute! Luckily for the fashionistas out there, the fashion world is always ahead of the trend and has somehow found a way to reinvent our idea of mini into something even more small… or should I say, micro?

Jumpstarted by the booming popularity of Celine’s Nano Luggage Tote, this trend has quickly spread into the open arms of every major designer brand and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Seeing these baby bags in person is even more captivating than one would guess, and no matter how impractical they look, it’s impossible not to feel the urge to pick one up and hold it to your chest like you would a newborn puppy. This micro style is no doubt on the rise and I predict that as long as our new iPhone 6’s can still fit inside these tiny bags, they’ll be flying off the shelves at every luxury retailer in no time. To share this bag lust of mine, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite micro bags on the market for you to see! Get ready to feast your eyes on some major mini-sized fashion porn!

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mini hermes bag

mini prada atlantic pacific







Happy Humpday Everyone!!


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(Non) Friday Favorites!

Here are some of my favorite things from this past week- a.k.a. my 4-day-late Friday Favorites post!

Candy Store: Lolli and Pops

photo-1-1024x438 IMG_1391-6


Fall Foodie Guilty Pleasure: Whole Foods Market’s Pumpkin Mac & Cheese


Cool Weather Colors: Merlot & Sapphire



Fundraising Fashion: Key To The Cure T-Shirt by Rag & Bone


Furry Video:

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4 Things I’m Coveting NOW

Having a fashion-related job and being a fashion-loving individual in general will always have its perks; however, along with perks will always be some drawbacks.  The most frequent and annoying of these drawbacks is the constant desire for material things.  There is always something amazing, new, or innovative popping up in the fashion and beauty industries that makes us women go crazy over it until we finally have it in our possession.  I guess that’s why they refer to shopping as a guilty pleasure!  If you haven’t fulfilled your shopping needs recently, let me help you out by showing you what i’m currently coveting!  Oh, and before you get started on an online shopping spree, keep in mind these two important words: SELF CONTROL.

Tory Burch Chronograph Bracelet Watch


Rag & Bone Harper Moto Boots


Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Cream


Rag & Bone Mini Pilot Bag