New Month, New Topics!

I absolutely cannot believe that it’s already October, but I can’t say i’m disappointed because I always look forward to this time of the year!  Even the smell of the air around this time makes me happy and brings to mind some of my favorite memories.  Since we’ve made it to the beginning of fall, I’ve planned for a lot of cool weather and holiday-inspired posts to spread the spirit during this spooky month ahead.  Check out the topics that I’ve listed below for a peek into what kinds of posts you’ll see me publish over the next few weeks- get excited!!!

A step-by-step tutorial for a yummy fall-inspired dessert

A sincere reflection about my most memorable trip ever taken

Three fitness classes that you should add to your fall routine ASAP

One of my favorite fall ingredients that makes weekly cooking much easier

Delightfully tacky or downright distasteful- my thoughts on Halloween costumes

The perfect holiday party dress

Things that I’m currently coveting….(see what they are on the blog TOMORROW!)


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