Fall Fitness!

Now that the warm weather and bathing suit seasons have come and gone, it seems as if my motivation to stay in shape has also gone away.  With the lower temperatures and fewer hours of daylight, the ease and convenience of fitting in that quick outdoor workout just isn’t there anymore.  These changes, in combination with the plethora of pumpkin recipes on Pinterest, ABC Family’s Harry Potter week, and thoughts of cuddling under piles of cashmere is bound to throw off any female’s workout ritual.  It definitely did the trick for me.

From past experience, what usually works best to get my fitness back on track is by signing up (and yes, pre-paying) for a new workout class or routine.  Since the warm and sunny weather is gone, choosing an indoor class is definitely the most ideal and reliable route to follow.  To make the choice even easier for any of you who are trying to get out of a lazy rut like me, I’ve come up with three awesome classes that will undoubtedly get you back into shape for all of those holiday parties coming up (or the revealing Halloween costume you’re dying to wear)!  Ch-ch-check my choices out:

1. The tried-and-true stress buster: YOGA

With various types including vinyasa, ashtanga, aerial, and bikram, there’s bound to be a yoga style that perfectly fits your fitness needs while also knocking out that holiday stress!



2.  For a workout AND libido boost:  POLE FITNESS

What’s better than getting in an intense full-body workout that also delivers a major confidence boost and some new sexy moves?!


3.  The cooler and updated version of Zumba: KAZAXE

Referred to as “a High-Intensity, dance-party workout that will have you twerkin’ and workin’ to international urban beats,” this up-and-coming workout will undoubtedly be the next big fitness craze!


via http://www.azuka-bom.com/kzx/about-us/



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