My Thoughts: What To Wear On Halloween


So, raise your hand if you still don’t have a costume to wear on Halloween this year? Yeah, I figured. Now, raise your hand if you haven’t chosen an outfit due to one of the following reasons: 1) You‘re debating between being ballsy and dressing totally slutty, playing it safe by looking cute, or being silly and wearing the most humorous and witty costume you can think of, 2) You don’t have plans for Halloween yet, or 3) Your plans involve of you, wine, candy, and Netflix on Halloween night (no costume needed)! If you agreed to reason #2, then keep in mind that if nothing fun comes up for the big night, then wine and Hocus Pocus will always be there for you. If you don’t have a costume because you made the inexpensive decision to stay in for the night and “hand out candy to the neighborhood kids,” then kudos to you for making this Halloween a stress-free one! However, if you’re like me and agree to reason #1 due to the unfortunate requirement of making a decision, then I’m here to help make that process a little easier for you this year. Before I get started on my own advice, I recommend that you take a look at some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes from the past for some inspiration!

Best Celeb Halloween Costumes!

So, if you’re still stuck deciding between the classic slutty, cute, and silly Halloween costume styles after looking at those creative costumes, then don’t feel alone. Most girls in their teens and twenties, myself included, are always fighting to make this decision around Halloween time. From my past experiences, I think that every gal needs to try out each of these costume styles at least once. From high school to freshman year of college, I most often stuck to wearing Halloween costumes that ended up on the more scandalous end of the spectrum, which included getups as an army-themed playboy bunny, a ‘Single Ladies’ dancer, and even Lady Gaga. After freshman year, I felt as if I’d gotten the scandalous urge in dressing for Halloween out of my system and began the slow transition to exploring the cuter and sillier side of Halloween dressing. I think that, like me, everyone needs to enjoy a few years of letting out their inner playboy bunny and choose Halloween costumes based purely on how much of your rockin’ bod is visible. However, there IS an age to start realizing that the type of attention that you’ll attract with a promiscuous costume isn’t exactly the best and most genuine type of attention. If you want to dress up in a way that still makes you feel pretty but doesn’t cross the hooker-esque line, then dressing up in a cute and feminine costume, such as a mermaid, flapper, or black cat is the way to go! These costumes are safe and won’t leave you looking back at pictures in a few years and realizing that your outfit that exposed your entire ass wasn’t nearly as flattering as you originally thought it was at the time. Now, if you have more of a goofball and extroverted personality that you like to let shine, then dressing up in a nerdy or silly costume can be a great choice! With this style, you can show off your quirky personality on Halloween, but in a more exaggerated and witty way! Plus, you can charm the boys with your awesome sense of humor instead of by exposing 90% of your body. However, if you don’t feel like you’ve gotten quite enough of the dirty-girl dressing out of your system, then go ahead and rock that latex Catwoman bodysuit- just please don’t get desperate enough to actually wear lingerie (and only lingerie) out in public on the big night.

Check out some of my past costumes below (and yes, these do kinda embarrass me):


Me (as Gaga) on the far left and some college besties on Halloween


My cute (and completely free) cat costume on Halloween 2 years ago


Last year’s costumes- cute AND silly as Beanie Babies!


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