Annual Movember Post

Happy No-Shave November, a.k.a. MOVEMBER!!  This month, men are encouraged to grow facial hair in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.  I love this month not only because it shows some love and support for the guys in our lives but it also brings out my love (and many other women’s love) for facial hair on men.  To give you men some hairy inspiration and a bit of eye candy for the ladies, I’ve presented you with some of my favorite Movember hotties right below!

taylor 3981showing Chris Martin keeps it cool at the Airport rs_634x1024-141023093429-634.Andrew-Garfield-Joshua-Jackson-Taylor-Kitsch-JR-102314 rs_634x1024-141024120943-634.Gerard-Butler-Wetsuit-JR-102414 rs_634x1024-141028122554-634.Ben-Affleck-JR-102814 rs_634x1024-141101135720-634.Zac-Efron-Skateboard.jl.110114
rs_634x1024-141103121524-634.Matthew-McConaughey-JR-110314 rs_634x989-141105130405-634.david-beckham-press-conference-south-korea-110514
rs_634x1024-141107091553-634.Joe-Manganiello-JR-110714 d0b48a4ce5434ab5ec6848dfad7607d6


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