Holiday Traveling Tips


November is in full swing, Christmas commercials are playing, and Thanksgiving recipes are plastered on my wall. These occurrences can only mean one thing: the holiday season is upon us! Unfortunately, this exciting time also means that holiday traveling is on the agenda for many of us. During my 22 years, I’ve become quite the seasoned traveler, which I’m definitely grateful for. However, no matter how many times I’ve trekked through airports, weighed down by bags and jet lag, my dislike for the flying process hasn’t wavered. For me, the silver lining to flying will always be the people watching and quick photo ops after takeoff, while every other part of flying is simply an inconvenience. One of my least favorite things about the flying process is the feeling of never being prepared or comfortable during the trip. I almost always, up until recently, realize that I’ve forgotten something in my carry-on bags or should’ve left something behind after I’ve already taken my seat on the tightly-packed plane. However, after my numerous trips to the airport, I finally think that I’ve gotten down the perfect list to prepare me for my annual holiday travels. Check out my traveling must-haves below to help you out during your own holiday trips!

What to wear:
– Cozy and warm sweater with a tank underneath (in case you get too warm)

– Stretchy pants or chic sweats (the rag & bone jean sweatpants below are perfect)

– Boots/booties without zippers (for easy removal) or slip-on sneakers

– Eyeglasses (if you wear contacts, your eyes will appreciate a break)

– For carry-on: Small backpack and a purse/bag

jetsetting style

What to bring:
– Bose noise-canceling headphones

– iPad or tablet for reading/music/movies/work

– iPod or iPhone for music

– Magazine and/or book

– Paper free check-in using your iPhone

– Thin blanket and/or neck pillow

– Chapstick and lotion

– Bottled water

– Hand sanitizer

– Light snacks such as nuts or pretzels


Happy stress-free travels everyone!! XOXO


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