A Pie To Impress

The holiday season can mean a lot of different things to people, but it seems like being around family and good food is ALWAYS an important part of the holidays in households around the world. For my family, food is definitely a major component in bringing everyone together and reminiscing about the past. This means that the opportunity to show off a new yummy recipe at a holiday gathering is a guaranteed way to keep everyone’s sprits high. Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, bringing along a homemade dish is a foolproof way to convince the relatives that you’ve done something productive since they last saw you by learning to cook.   If your family operates in a similar way, meaning that food is just as important as alcohol in keeping everyone happy, then take my advice and bake something delicious…like pie.

Now, when it comes to pie, I’ve never really been the biggest fan. I’m one of those people who will always choose cake over pie, but on this past Thanksgiving holiday, I really wanted to bring something new to the table. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself and bake a coconut pumpkin pie from scratch using a recipe I found online. Not only did I present myself with the challenge of making my own homemade piecrust but I was also doing it without a food processer (a.k.a. using only my hands to make the dough).  However, no matter the obstacles, I was prepared to bake my first pie from scratch and on Thanksgiving day, there was no turning back.


Piecrust ingredients- ready to be made into dough!


Let the kneading begin!


The perfect dough (after some heavy duty kneading)


Molding the dough into my deep pie dish!


Pretty little piecrust after some edge decoration



Filling is in and it’s ready for the oven!


Fresh out of the oven


The end result- just in time for dessert!

My family members and I were extremely happy with how delicious the coconut crust came out, especially considering the amount of handiwork that was involved. However, I will admit that the pumpkin filling was extremely sweet, so I would suggest using less coconut cream and sugar if you decide to take a whack at this recipe. Also, keep in mind that if this pumpkin filling doesn’t sound good to you, then all you have to do is substitute it with just about any other pie filling! I personally think that banana cream or apple pie filling would be an especially yummy substitution.

P.S. – It’s never too early to start practicing on a new recipe to impress your guests with at the next family gathering, so get brainstorming!



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