Making The Cut


For my entire life, I’ve had long hair. I’ve always loved having my long locks and appreciated its ability to grow as long as it had, as many girls simply can’t grow their hair that long. However, in high school, I told myself that once I’m out of college and working in a “big-girl” job, I would make the big cut. Well…this time came and I finally did it. While the recent influx in popularity of short hair gave me the final push to cut it, I’m really happy that I actually followed through with a commitment I made years ago. I believe that everyone needs to make a big change or two in their lives, and this was my time. Now that it’s a few weeks into my hair transformation, here is what I’ve learned so far from the change:

  1. Change is good!
  2. People who you think wouldn’t notice, actually notice
  3. My hair is much less of a hassle
  4. Less shedding – yay!
  5. It takes MUCH less time to get ready in the morning
  6. I don’t accidentally shut my hair in the car door anymore
  7. I can drive with the windows down without being blinded by my own hair
  8. 2nd and even 3rd day hair is much easier to achieve- dry shampoo all the way
  9. I wear my hair down all the time now
  10. Some people love it and others aren’t as impressed and say my “trademark” is gone…but who says I can’t have a new trademark?
  11. I can pull off edgy/hip or chic/sweet, depending on the product I use
  12. I feel and look more mature (a.k.a. more boss-like)
  13. It’s much easier to head-bang AND flip my hair – pretty important, right?
  14. It was the right move and I feel like I’ve made my next step in style
  15. Short hair…don’t care


If you’re thinking about making a big chop as well, take a look at some of my favorite celebrity lobs (a.k.a. long bobs) for some inspiration!

main.original.585x0 dc007653d0255609041571d66b80e79c 4cf0981f16da058d412c04ea8a0adc0b 75c3ba19361e1ed88724807fe76404e8 d78d2c76afd8e2c6b0b3190fa5f614bf ee7c898c473a17871f534ea9835e8924 58b326aa5ec12ebe621a7b21117c5d03 6dbbb6a1da2ff8961706d00546c41c81 hbz-bob-lob-jennifer-aniston-lg


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