Yesterday morning, I looked out my bedroom window and was delightfully surprised to see a blanket of snow on the ground for the first time this winter!  Now, I’m not usually the biggest fan of the winter season, but when it actually snows, I get just as excited as I did as a little kid around it.  Snow is not only beautiful to look at, but it also brings to mind one of my favorite hobbies, snowboarding. I’ve been snowboarding for over ten years now, and I am seriously in love with the sport.  Whenever it starts getting cold outside, I almost always find myself scouring the Internet for awesome new snow gear from my favorite cold-weather brand, Burton.  Even though I’m not normally a brand snob, when it comes to my snowboard gear, I really only want Burton.  So, inspired by the snow yesterday, I (per usual) started scanning the Burton website for new merchandise and couldn’t help but put together some awesome outfits.  If you’re like me and always seem to “need” some new snow duds, take a peek at my favorite looks below along with some rad accessories and boards to add to your wish list!

For the color-shy gal:


left to right: B By Burton Reese Parka, Society Pant, Brighton Jacket, Lucky Pant

For the (faux) fur-lovers:


left to right: B By Burton Arya Trench, [ak] 2L Stratus Pant, TWC Miss Wilds Pant

For the bold and bright boarder:


left to right: Horizon jacket, [ak] 2L Embark Jacket, Society Pant

For the icy-cool girl:


left to right: Ginger Jacket, Society Pant, Horizon Jacket, [ak] 2L Stratus Pant

For the wanderluster:


left to right: TWC Wanderlust Jacket, Society Pant, Stella Shirt Jacket, TWC Miss Wilds Pant, Ginger Jacket, Gloria Pant

To Accessorize Your Ride:


Get everything above from!


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