How-To: Home Decorating


Here’s a little step–by-step guide I’ve created to help any of you whom are looking to redecorate or furnish a brand new home soon!

  1. Brainstorm your theme and gather ideas on Pinterest to help you visualize what you want before you start shopping.
  2. Calculate a ballpark budget so you don’t go overboard on purchases.
  3. Clean the entire space before bringing in any new furniture!
  4. Take measurements of windows and rooms before you purchase.
  5. Enlist in some helping hands for your move/decorating, especially if you’re bringing in furniture!
  6. When beginning the moving process, start by bringing in any rugs/carpets. Then you can fill in the rest, starting with the biggest furniture pieces.
  7. Add in finishing touches sooner rather than later.
  8. Get all of the hanging done before your help leaves- otherwise you won’t get it done!
  9. Clean and vacuum again once most of the moving and decorating is finished.
  10. Take pictures! It’ll most likely never look as clean and in order as it does now!



  • If you have big windows, get new blinds made for each one- it’s worth the expense
  • Paint an accent wall if you need more color in your space
  • The more light fixtures, the better- ambiance is KEY
  • Use fake or real flowers/plants to add life to your space- I recommend getting fresh lavender from L’Occitane
  • If you want to save money but still want some sturdy and nice pieces of furniture/décor, shop at places like T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and The World Market (where just about all of my things are from)
  • Another way to save some money is by looking in old storage units of family members- you’re likely to find some awesome vintage pieces like my beautiful antique dining table!
  • Buy some grown-up pictures/paintings and force yourself to get rid of your fun college décor (or at least confine it all to one small room)
  • Make an impact in a room by adding a really unique piece that you love!
  • Books, books, books: the more, the better!
  • Make sure you have enough storage and space-savers- that way your place won’t look too cluttered!


For some extra inspo, visit – my fav website for anything home related!