The Big Move

When I made the decision to move to Richmond, VA, I did so with the support of my entire family behind me. Even though I’ve grown up in the city of Suffolk, about an hour southeast of Richmond, the majority of my family lives in or is from the Richmond area. As a result, I’ve been traveling with my family to and from Richmond throughout my entire life, and my appreciation for the city has only grown over the years! However, up until recently, I never thought that I would actually live in Richmond myself. Yet, here I am, living in the heart and soul of Richmond’s most creative and coveted neighborhood (in my opinion). Even though “The Fan,” as it’s called, is still growing out of its sketchy reputation, it just feels right to be living in the place where my parents first met and other family members still reside. Not only does The Fan hold a personal tie with me, but it also boasts a Greenwich Village-esque artsy vibe that I miss from my time living in New York.

Just as I had to prepare myself to live in a new city, I also had to prepare to find and decorate a new apartment. This part of the process was much harder than I thought, as I first had to make the decision to live in this particular neighborhood, which is more expensive and harder to find a decent place in than its quieter and more suburban counterparts. Yet, I was determined to find the perfect place that would keep me happy for at least another year. After a stressful and rushed week of house hunting, I found an amazing place with the help of my parents. My new home is one of four large apartments made up from one of the many historic homes lining the streets of The Fan. Not only is my apartment huge and full of character, but I’ve also discovered that I share my front porch with some pretty cool neighbors, a.k.a. the semi-famous band, Carbon Leaf!

After finally finding my dream apartment, I was presented with the next challenge of decorating it. In my past living spaces, I wasn’t able to decorate them completely the way I wanted because I had roommates. However, now that I secured a place of my own, it was time to finally decorate it the way I really wanted. As I was fresh off of my glorious trip to Colorado when décor hunting, it was impossible not to draw some inspiration from the beautiful landscape and architecture that I saw there. I’ve always had a love for homes that pulled elements from nature into their furnishings, and my trip out west just confirmed my decision to decorate this way. In addition, I’ve always been attracted to bohemian décor in homes, and it felt like the perfect time to incorporate this style into my cozy western theme.

After following my mother’s interior decorating advice, I’ve finally been able to fill my apartment with some amazing pieces! Of course, there is still some room for finishing touches, but I’m so satisfied with what’s been done so far that I wanted to share some shots of my space with all of you. I hope you love it as much as I do and look out for a simple “how-to” post on apartment decorating this upcoming week!

Living Room




Dining/Fireplace Room




My Bedroom





Art/Work Room


Can’t have a home without a candy display!


Coffee/Bar Nook



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