10 Telltale Signs You Have Puppy Fever

IMG_6910photo of “Gibson” via: Chelsea Midgette

  • You want to be a mom SO BAD, just not for a human baby yet
  • Your life feels so darn busy, but you still manage to find the time to spend 5 hours every day looking at puppy pictures online
  • You’ve already started reading ‘new puppy owner’ blogs and books…just for future preparedness, right?
  • Every time you see a puppy with its owner, you can’t help but feel like your life is incomplete
  • You’ve asked your parents to send you photos of your family dog…DAILY
  • You’ve scrolled through this Buzzfeed article an embarrassing amount of times – http://www.buzzfeed.com/kaelintully/sorry-guys-this-was-really-hard#.hkvLp2X90
  • Your Pinterest board is overly saturated with puppy pictures
  • You’ve been offering up your dog-sitting services to all of your friends who have a dog or new puppy
  • You’ve started making a list of possible puppy names for your future pet
  • You’ve noticed that every time you go home and see your family dog, your life is just SO MUCH HAPPIER!

If you’ve done most of these things recently, you obviously have puppy fever.

My advice: If you are financially stable, out of college, in a secure job, living in a big enough living space, and ready to take on more responsibility than you’ve ever had before, then you’re ready to add the very best friend you’ll ever have to your family! HOORAY!!

P.S.: The entire time I’ve been writing this, my pup has been sleeping next to me with his head in my lap. And yes, it’s absolutely adorable.

Oh, and here are some pictures of my guy, Fitz, in case you still aren’t sure if you have puppy fever:

IMG_6904 IMG_6896 IMG_6856 IMG_6802 FullSizeRender IMG_6791 IMG_6825


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