Titanic: A Riveting Recollection on the Sinking’s 103-year Anniversary


photo from: http://www.modestoradiomuseum.org/titanic.html

It’s hard to believe that on this day, 103 years ago, the historical Titanic sinking shook our world. As a kid, I became overly obsessed with the sinking, thanks to James Cameron’s version of the tragedy that debuted in 1997. Not only did I fall in love with the fictional Jack Dawson, but I also fell in love with the history and events surrounding the real life tragedy. Since then, I’ve read books, researched, and even tried to visit the actual sinking site to fuel my interest in the historical event. So, you can probably imagine my excitement today when I discovered that a personal letter from one of the survivors, written in 1955, had recently been found and translated! As PEOPLE states, “penned by a French woman named Rose Amélie Icard, the letters…seem to have been written to the daughter of another woman, whose mother also survived the sinking.” Of course, we can’t be absolutely sure that this letter is truthful, but I will always jump to read any credible recollections from the event that I can get my hands (or eyes) on. If you’re just as much of a history buff as I am, it’ll be impossible not to get excited about reading this letter! Take a look at the real letter here and read the translation here!

P.S.: I dare you NOT to hop on Netflix right now and start watching Titanic for the millionth time…


photo from http://www.history.com/topics/titanic/pictures/titanic-before-and-after/rms-sailing-from-southampton


Long Live Jack & Rose…


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