Storefront Spotlight: Trish (Va. Beach, VA)


Shoe + Bag display at Trish, via The Scout Guide

As a Southeastern Virginia native, I have always struggled to find retailers in the area that offer a fashionable AND high-quality product selection. Since Richmond, one of the better shopping areas in VA, was usually too far for a quick trip growing up, Nordstrom was my only go-to destination until I discovered Trish. This small yet bright boutique, owned by the hip and business-savvy Tricia Snyder, is nestled in a small shopping center across the street from the beach. If its location alone isn’t an indication of how cool this place is, then you can count on the product selection and amazing employees to help you decide. I love walking into Trish and being welcomed by the knowledgeable staff and consistently fresh crop of unique merchandise! In addition to being constantly updated, the products always seem to be perfectly in line with my own fashion taste. Not only are her shelves stocked with cult favorites like Rag & Bone, Helmut Lang and ALC, but they also boast some of the more exclusive and lesser-known designers including Mother, Majestic, NSF, and Each x Other. So, if you’re ever in the Virginia Beach area, don’t hesitate to stop by Trish. I will warn you though; it will be almost impossible to leave the boutique empty-handed.

P.S.: Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll shine the spotlight on some of the awesome designers that I’ve discovered while shopping at Trish!


OOTD at Trish, via

Happy Weekend Everyone! XOXO

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