Small Brands To Love

Happy Sunday everyone!  As I mentioned in my previous post, Storefront Spotlight, storeowner Tricia Snyder is always bringing new and unique designers into her cool boutique, Trish. Every time I visit the store and see these new brands displayed among the racks and shelves, I am immediately educated about these brands by Tricia or her employees. This is not only a smart sales move, but it also makes my shopping experience much more personal and memorable. Plus, when leaving with a bag full of merchandise, knowing about the designers behind my purchases makes them feel that much more special.

This morning, I thought that I’d share with you some of my favorite lesser-known brands that Trish first introduced me to: Mother, Calleen Cordero, and Pam and Gela.


            Mother was founded in 2010 by designer Tim Kaeding and Lela Becker. Famous for its super-soft fabrics and irreverent attitude, their boutique, made-in-L.A. brand is unique for its genius for keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of women. Tim likes to say that Mother, a word as loaded with innuendo as it is unconditional love, goes against the grain; the brand pushes technological boundaries when it comes to that signature soft denim, and pushes brand boundaries when it comes to, for instance, naming silhouettes (think cheeky: The Dropout Boyfriend, The Groupie).


Favorite Looks:

1221_173rgh_01_1 1304-143-orl_01


Calleen Cordero:

            Calleen Cordero’s first step on her journey to becoming one of today’s most inspiring American designers began in Marin County, CA, where at the age of fifteen she was first immersed in the world of high fashion footwear. Beginning in sales at an upscale boutique, her innate talent for fashion and her passion for well-crafted shoes began to shine through, and Calleen soon found herself elevated to the position of assistant buyer, travelling to Europe to view collections and meet with designers, all by the age of sixteen. From this precocious beginning, Calleen went on to represent some of the top names in the footwear industry and learned about every aspect of the art and trade.

            In 1999, she began designing her own line and started her company with two simple ideals: bring the Old World art of handmade artisan quality footwear, handbags and accessories back to the United States – and everything that she made would be as authentic as it was beautiful, as comfortable as it was luxurious, and as nourishing to the soul as it was to the eye.


Favorite Looks:

11 2


Pam and Gela:

            Pam and Gela were the maximalist masterminds behind the extraordinary Juicy Couture brand. They created an unapologetic world where more was fun. Their unique take on everyday luxury and irreverent fashion expression served as an inspiration to a whole new generation of young designers and paved the gilded way for progressive, up and coming ready-to-wear brands.


Favorite Looks:

s15jg841xl_frankie_t_blonde_pwr_grey_side_3.1424457990 s15jg320t_side_ruched_skirt_blue_skies_front1.1424449887



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