What I’m Currently Coveting


Lovely fall colors photographed in Athens, GA

Since it’s officially Fall (and I couldn’t be more excited), I’m breaking out the boots, sweaters, cozy blankets, candles, aaannnd the crock-pot! Yum. Fall is always my favorite time of the year because the leaves are changing, the air is fresh, it’s football season, and the weather is perfect for cuddling. Also, now that it’s October, I can officially indulge in as many sweets as I want (because of Halloween, duh) and start counting down the days until Christmas. Yes, I’m that girl who starts obsessing over Christmas way too ahead of time.

So far this season, I’ve been extremely busy with mainly school-related tasks and shadowing a local dentist whenever I have the free time, but I’ve somehow found time to start lusting over some major guilt-inducing goodies. I’ve been out of the fashion game for a while and I think I need to get back on the style train ASAP. Of course I found some items that are far out of my price range, but a girl can dream right?

What I’m lusting over right now:

Stuart Weitzman boots:

I am already lucky enough to have a pair of the 50/50 boots, which I love so much, but I’m just dying for another tall pair to freshen up my fall and winter wardrobe. Plus, boots are my favorite thing ever, so I could never have enough of them.

The Hijack Boot:


Apple Watch:

I am such a sucker for really nice, old school watches. They’re just so classic and timeless. However, I must say that every now and then I’d love to switch up my timepieces with the high-tech Apple Watch. I mean, they are pretty awesome and the different bands really make it easy to wear day-to-day.

Check them out here



Many fashionistas will tell you that chokers are finally back in style and while I agree with this, I’ve secretly been obsessing over them since I watched Kristin Cavallari rock one during her Laguna Beach days. See below for a refresher. Anywho, while I respect Kristin’s all-out black choker, I’m leaning toward a more simple and dainty one for this fall like the one shown below.

oh hey, Kristin


Ryan Storer Choker


Happy Friday Everyone!!



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