The Annual “Movember” PSA

It’s November (weird right?) and I can finally find an excuse to be on Pinterest all day, looking at pictures of hot bearded men. Of course, I never do this any other day of the year…. My great reason for doing this all day is of course the fact that November is the month that we all raise awareness for men’s health issues such as cancer and men do this by growing out their facial hair. I love this because #1) I want the men in my life to stay healthy, and #2) beards are sexy, especially when they are at that perfect “scruff” stage (in my opinion). So, the little cherry on the top is that I get to do this annual post of sexy beard pictures to give the guys some incentive to grow out their own and the ladies some reasons to push their own guys to join in on the trend. Behold my friends, beard porn..




ca. 2006 --- Eric Dane --- Image by © Lance Staedler/Corbis Outline

ca. 2006 — Eric Dane — Image by © Lance Staedler/Corbis Outline

Bradley Cooper:


Paul Rudd:


Ryan Gosling:


Christian Grey, I mean, Jamie Dornan:


Christian Bale:


Tom Hardy:


Jason Momoa (a.k.a. Khal Drogo for my fellow GOT fans)


Prince Harry:

Lenny Kravitz:


Taylor Kinney:



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