New in Beauty

I’ve always been a sucker for new beauty trends and products, and it definitely doesn’t help quell my obsession when the products I try end up being amazing. Even though this beauty habit has me constantly cleaning out my makeup bags, I can’t truly complain about an obsession that introduces me to better and healthier beauty products, right?

Now, with my new monthly series called “New in Beauty,” I will be continuously sharing with you my latest beauty discoveries and where to get them for yourselves! Start clearing up your makeup counter now because here is my latest and greatest find from this month!

Glo Minerals Luxe Liquid Foundation – $54.00 (in natural)


This foundation was actually given to me by my mother, who was told about the mineral makeup by a well-respected dermatologist. As it’s a brand that has received raving reviews from skin professionals around the country, she knew it would be something that I’d want to test out. Well, I gave it a try and fell in LOVE! My handy drugstore foundation is now in the trash and replaced by my Glo Minerals makeup! I really love it because I only have to use a pea-sized amount to achieve an even complexion, long-lasting coverage, AND a lightweight feel! Plus, the natural shade matches my skin tone perfectly, which has never happened for me in the past.  I definitely recommend this foundation for someone who doesn’t want the heavy feeling of makeup but does want to benefit from the skin protection and coverage!

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