Shack Attack!

Upon recently hearing the news that Shake Shack will be opening in Atlanta next year, I’ve constantly caught myself nearly drooling at thoughts of the amazing Shack burger.  I had my first taste of Shake Shack in August 2012, with my parents as we were leaving NYC from my first summer interning in fashion.  As we waited in line at the original Madison Square Park location for about 30 minutes in the sweltering city heat, we found ourselves praying that the burgers and shakes would be more than worth the ridiculous wait.  Of course, we weren’t disappointed, and I successfully left the city knowing that I had just eaten the best burger ever and found my new guilty pleasure.  Ever since that first Shack burger, every time I’ve been in the city, I’ve made stopping at Shake Shack a necessity.  Each time I dig into their burger, it is insanely juicy and perfectly cooked.  The flavor is honestly mind-blowing, with the delectable combination of their secret Shack sauce, ripe tomato and lettuce, perfectly melted cheese over a natural Angus beef patty, and subtly sweet and soft bun holding everything together.  After finishing my burger without a thought of coming up for air, I almost always have a rich and creamy milkshake and hot crinkle fries waiting for me to perfectly top off the guilt-ridden yet wonderful meal.

I’ve only been to the Madison Square Park location of Shake Shack, but I’m sure that all of the Shack locations make their burgers and shakes just as well.  Whenever you get the chance to pass by one of the few Shake Shack locations, don’t hesitate to stop in for the most satisfying meal ever- you won’t regret it.  While you begin scouring Google for the nearest Shake Shack location, I’ll be home and crossing my fingers that the Atlanta location will open up before I graduate from UGA in May.  If it doesn’t, I may just have to make a trip to the city (if I’m not already living there) to grab a celebratory graduation burger and shake.

P.S.:  below is the Shake Shack website link…I know you’ll be needing it sooner or later after scrolling through my mouth-watering photos below