4 Things I’m Coveting NOW

Having a fashion-related job and being a fashion-loving individual in general will always have its perks; however, along with perks will always be some drawbacks.  The most frequent and annoying of these drawbacks is the constant desire for material things.  There is always something amazing, new, or innovative popping up in the fashion and beauty industries that makes us women go crazy over it until we finally have it in our possession.  I guess that’s why they refer to shopping as a guilty pleasure!  If you haven’t fulfilled your shopping needs recently, let me help you out by showing you what i’m currently coveting!  Oh, and before you get started on an online shopping spree, keep in mind these two important words: SELF CONTROL.

Tory Burch Chronograph Bracelet Watch


Rag & Bone Harper Moto Boots


Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Cream


Rag & Bone Mini Pilot Bag


Fall Style Spotlight: Over-The-Knee Boots

The over-the-knee boot is by far one of my favorite trends for the fall and winter seasons. Not only is it a comfortable yet stylish way to dress up any fall outfit, but these boots are also sexy as hell. In the past, I’ve normally stuck to wearing boots that are flat instead of heeled, but this past week, I decided to venture outside my comfort zone and treat myself to a new pair of HEELED over-the-knee boots. I spotted them immediately when they were put out onto the women’s shoe floor at Nordstrom, knowing that they would be the perfect statement piece to plan my going-out outfit around that night. After wearing my bold, yet confident purchase, I was more than happy about my decision and satisfied that I finally added something to my wardrobe that I didn’t already own. These hot boots are perfect for any night out on the town and are guaranteed to make you feel like you CAN run the world (if you didn’t already). You can simply throw them over some leggings or even rock them out with a mini skirt to make the ultimate fashion statement, so check out some of my favorite heeled AND flat over-the-knee boots for a little inspiration to get you started on your fall shopping list!

Heeled Boots:


Louise et Cie ‘Navaria’ Leather Boot – $288.95 (these are my new boots)!


Stuart Weitzman ‘Highway’ Over The Knee Boot – $665


Frye ‘Kelly’ Over The Knee Boot – $497.95


Sam Edelman ‘Joplin’ Boot – $314.95

Flat Boots:


Frye “Melissa’ Over The Knee Boot – $497.95


Stuart Weitzman 5050 Over The Knee Nappa Leather Boot – $635


Vince Camuto ‘Baldwin’ Leather Over The Knee Boot (for those of you with wider calves) – $248.95



An Ode to the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot


One day over my Christmas break, I was at Saks Fifth Avenue in Richmond, VA with my parents, looking for a few nice coats for my dad.  I didn’t want to look at anything that I’d like there because I knew that Christmas was a few days away and I honestly didn’t want any more money spent on me.  No matter how determined I was to avoid any shopping, I was eventually enticed by a salesperson to browse the shoe section while waiting for my dad to make his own purchases.  Of course, right when I entered the glorious shoe section, I was instantly greeted by the amazing and covetable Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot.  I had previously written about this boot on my blog and knew very well of its magnificence.  Especially since I’m a boot girl, I knew that these were special and it felt like a crime to even touch them.  After my mother caught me admiringly stroking their soft leather, she egged me to try them on “just to see how they look.”  I’m not usually willing to get so intimate with such prestigious fashion items because I know I don’t NEED them in the first place, but this time it was too hard to deny my curiosity over how they really looked and felt.  After slipping on the one of the last few pairs the store had in stock and the last in my size, I stood up and looked in the mirror with feelings of immense guilt in my head but a ridiculous smile on my face.  These boots were awesome and everyone in the area, including my initially hesitant dad, agreed.  After a few minutes of admiration, I rushed to take the boots off so that I wouldn’t endure any hard feelings about leaving them behind, since I knew there was no chance that I could ask for these as a gift from my parents.  However, by some miracle, both of my parents started telling me how great they looked and in no time I was giving them the biggest hugs ever with a very large bag in my hand.  The boots were mine, which was something that I’d never expected.  Of course they were an “extra-special” Christmas present and I couldn’t wear them until Christmas day, but nothing could’ve wavered my surprise and happiness that day. 

Since Christmas, I’ve worn my boots hesitantly since I don’t want to tarnish their perfection, but whenever I do put them on my feet, they feel amazing.  I still feel guilty that I actually let my parents purchase the 5050’s for me, which probably won’t diminish anytime soon, but I’m glad to know that they trust my ability to care for them.  As a boot with such versatility, chicness, sexiness, classiness, and functionality, I’m confident that they’re THE iconic piece in my wardrobe that will always be able to break the style barrier.    



Style Guide: The Chunky Sweater!

Even though I love the warm weather in the summer and spring months, I’m always ready to start layering my outfits and bundling up with a cup of hot chocolate when November hits.  I always get so excited when it’s time to pull out all of my cozy sweaters, boots, and leggings from the depths of my closet and put my denim cut-offs and bathing suits into hibernation.  These fall and winter staples are my favorites because they’re super easy to throw on, always comfortable, and can pretty easily hide any pale winter skin or stubbly legs that definitely can’t be hidden in the warmer months.

For the past few years in the fashion world, chunky sweaters have made a huge presence and I definitely don’t see them going anywhere for this fall and winter season (thank goodness).  In my mind, there’s no reason not to like this type of sweater.  Versatile, slouchy, cozy, and quite forgiving to the body, wearing them feels like a warm embrace. They’re such a valuable style to have in your closet because they can be paired with almost anything when it’s cool outside, and depending on the rest of the outfit, can easily be dressed up or down.  In case you need a little guidance in styling your own chunky sweaters to stay on trend this season, I’ve provided you with 5 different ways to wear them, which are shown below.

1. Over a dress:

ImageImage  Image


2. Layered:

Image    Image


3. Belted:




4. Over a fancy skirt:





5. With leggings and boots:

Image                          Image                 Image

*All photos were taken from Pinterest

Fall Wish List: Booties!

Apart from the rise in pumpkin-flavored everything and Thanksgiving around the corner, one of my favorite things about the fall season is being able to dust off my favorite boots!  As I said in my previous post, I’m obsessed with comfort, which explains why boots are my favorite type of shoe.  If it was fashionably acceptable, I’d even wear boots over flip flops during the hot southern months.  To celebrate this new fall season and my obsession with the current “bootie” trend, I’d like to show you a few of my favorite pairs of booties from my own closet as well as those on my wish list!

Favorites from my closet:


From left to right:

1. Sam & Libby Paxton Strappy Ankle Boots

2. Steve Madden Troopa Boot

3. Merona Cadence Wedge Ankle Boot

4. Restricted Tan Cowboy Booties

5. Rachel Comey Mars Bootie

All of these above-the-ankle booties are comfortable, versatile, and great for the upcoming fall and winter months!  

Below are some of my favorite booties that are new for this fall season (and will possibly be on my Christmas list): 


top left to right:

1. Rag & Bone Newbury Classic Suede Boot ($495.00)

2. Rag & Bone Miles Lace-up Ankle Boot ($550.00)

3. Tory Burch Milan Suede Heeled Bootie ($395.00)

Bottom left to right:

4. Blondo Loann Waterproof Boot ($174.95)

5. Ivanka Trump Mina Bootie ($184.95)

6. Matiko Sawyer Bootie ($241.95)