Throwback Thursday: The Best Trip I’ve Ever Taken

Traveling is something that I hold very dear to my heart. I think that it’s something that’s meant to be done by everyone on this earth. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to travel as much as they would like, … Continue reading

Goodbye Sweet Summer…

This past weekend was the first semi-vacation that I’ve had this summer and since I’ve delved into the real world of worse-than-college hangovers and paying bills like an actual human being. I definitely miss the glorious college days when I didn’t have to face the reality of being an adult yet, but I also can’t say that I haven’t learned a lot over these past few months as a graduate. Some of these things that I’ve learned (but not all) include:

  1. Starting to work on your 401K when starting that first “big-girl” job is a necessary evil
  2. Wine will always be there for you, but it’s even better when you get to share it with a roomie while laughing over the Bachelorette
  3. It’s more than okay to vent about this first “big-girl” job, but keep it within the privacy of your own home
  4. Boys are great, but they also suck sometimes- don’t rush yourself or anyone else into a relationship because that’s something that shouldn’t ever feel or start out in a rushed manner
  5. Budgeting is important, but it’s also okay to still be learning how to balance between paying for the bottomless guacamole at happy hour and the rest of the actual necessities you need to survive
  6. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and lose a few more hours of sleep in order to meet new people
  7. Don’t compare yourself to co-workers- just do your best because it’s all you can do, right?
  8. Try your very best to take care of yourself in every way. For example…spend a few nights by yourself to eat takeout and binge watch Netflix or read a juicy book, drink a lot of water, eat breakfast AND veggies every day, and most importantly…sing out as loud as possible when you’re in the car or shower (it makes everything better, I promise)

As I said earlier, I learned a lot over the past few months and not everything came to me easily. It was a challenging summer, which is why this past Labor Day weekend was the perfect time for a little vacation with my family. On Friday morning, I flew into sunny San Diego to meet up with my sister (who lives there) and my parents, who would be flying in from the east coast as well. Upon my arrival, the feeling of breathing in the sweet (and invisibly polluted) California air was absolutely wonderful- I had landed in one of my favorite places, where the weather was perfect and I could finally be around what I believe to be the epitome of summertime: hot surfers and fish tacos. To say the least, the past weekend with my family was amazing yet far too eventful to be able to explain it all with the love and detail that’s deserved, which is why I’ve provided a small photo diary below for you to take a little peek at my trip. On Tuesday, taking off to fly back home across the country was more than depressing and I am STILL missing my family and the greatness of California. However, it is comforting to know that I’ll be returning to the beautiful state soon, whether it’s just for another visit or possibly even for a permanent move…who knows? Until then, I’ll be on the east coast and enjoying the beauty of the fall season that is now officially upon us- bring it on cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes!


My views leaving D.C. and entering California from the sky

photo 2

dressed too warmly upon my San Diego airport arrival

photo 2photo 3

The beautiful morning and evening views from my Torrey Pines hotel room balcony

photo 1

My first cloudless day on the San Diego Bay Beach!


The Veterans Memorial Cross at Mount Soledad

photo 1

The beautiful lookout at Mount Soledad

photo 2

Enjoying the breathtaking view of the city below…

photo 5

Having a early morning family hike around the Point Loma tide pools

photo 4

Looking dirty but feeling good on our hike!

photo 2

photo 1Gibson, my sister’s goldendoodle

photo 3

Basking in yogi heaven

photo 2

A cute family photo before the coastal walk in La Jolla

photo 4

Beginning of the coast walk

photo 3

Seal watching!

photo 2

photo 1

A little cave exploring in La Jolla

photo 5

Amazing view of the coast

photo 4

The beautiful rose garden in Balboa Park

photo 5

Balboa Park surroundings

photo 1

The walk into town from Dog Beach

photo 5

Picture perfect setting for a late summer wedding outside my room

Summertime Date Inspiration

Even though the summer is sadly coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that all of you lovebirds have to return to (or continue) embarking on dates that are boring, traditional, or just plain stiff. Don’t get me wrong, I can always appreciate the classic romantic dinner with a significant other, but summertime gives us the opportunity to really have some FUN on our dates that we cannot pass up! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ideas for summer dates to give all of you cuties some inspiration while the weather is still warm and sunny!

Food truck lunch: If you live near any big city, chances are high that there is a plethora of yummy food trucks serving up tons of unique dishes in your local area. On a nice day, hit up these trucks and chow down under the blue skies surrounded by some local culture and your hot man! Maybe you can both save some room for a sweet FroYo treat to cool you both off after a steamy afternoon?



Concert at an intimate or outdoor venue: Do some research on your local theaters or browse the ticketmaster website to see if any awesome bands are coming to play near you. Nothing brings a couple together more than live music, warm weather, and some cold brews.


Kayaking or paddle boarding on the local waterway: If you live near a river, most areas give locals the opportunity to rent a kayak or canoe for the day to paddle around and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Also, if you live near a beach, take out a paddleboard or ocean kayak and let the scenery do the rest of the romancing for you lovebirds.

P.S.: make it an extra fun day by packing some snacks and drinks into a small cooler to bring with you in your kayak!


Take a hike: Get adventurous on your next date and hit up a local hiking trail with your S.O. Pack a backpack full of goodies and blanket for a light lunch or early dinner so that you can reward yourselves once you make it to the top of the trail!

Hot tip: Bring a portable speaker along with you so that you can hook up your iPod or tune into your favorite Spotify station to really set the mood!


Date at the drive-in: If you live anywhere near an outdoor drive-in theater, you MUST take advantage of this adorably romantic opportunity. Find out when a good movie is playing and bring some snacks and drinks to enjoy while cuddling under the stars with your date!


Cheer on the home team: Snag some tickets to a local baseball game and cheer on the home team with your man by your side! Nothing says summer like a hotdog, cold beer, and being surrounded by steamy men playing ball; am I right?!


I mean…Ashton and Mila do it!

Happy dating, lovers!